Designed in Europe.
Made in India

Shortest lead times on the market.

Right now, LIKO-S is the first European partitions and movable walls producer with a direct manufacturing subsidiary in India.

This benefits our customers with high quality products and meeting agreed deadlines. Whether it's traditional framed and frameless partitions or sliding walls, we make everything to your specifications and deliver within 3-4 weeks

Our dealers are carefully selected.

For a limited time, our potential partners have a great opportunity to become a part of our dealer network.

But this possibility is not for everyone. As a part of maintaining the highest quality standards, our dealers are very carefully chosen. Only with this approach we can guarantee our customers the quality & reliability of all products. We are a family business, so if you succeed, we will take care of you like we take care of all the members in our family. Would you like to be taught about the ways of European quality standards? Perfect, because we see that as a key feature, which can be relied on not only by LIKO-S India customers, but also by the rest of our dealers.

LIKO-S: Family Business

Our roots in working with metal go all the way back to 1909 when the Musil family established a blacksmith company. The modern-day history of LIKO-S started in 1992 when Libor Musil and his wife Jana began building the business from scratch. Since then, we have been growing thanks to our strong company culture which is described in seven clearly defined principles; the first one being: “We believe the best is to be the best”.

Over 10 years ago, the second generation of Musil family joined LIKO-S and after learning the business through and through, they have now taken over the management of the family company. In 2022, we are celebrating 30 years of LIKO-S and with the second generation in place, we are ready to support our customers and partners for decades to come.

Say goodbye to constant expensive building modifications.

With our LIKO-Space® sliding walls, you can easily divide the space and create as many rooms as you need. With an acoustic sound insulation of 54 dB, you can be sure that all your meetings will take place in complete privacy. And what's the best part? That you can make layout changes effortlessly in minutes.

Sliding partitions are suitable for any space - office, hotel, school, gymnasium, gallery, retail space or film studio. Make the most of your space and adapt your working environment to suit the situation. Get more space and save time and money in the process.

Add unlimited variability to your space.

Creating a new room has never been easier. With the unique VACUWALL® system, truly the world's only mobile wall, you can separate a room in minutes to create more space for your meetings.

You can manipulate the individual panels yourself and create exactly the space you need in minutes. The ceiling structure remains completely unencumbered, thanks to the bags that use a button to fix the panel position between the ceiling and the floor.

Designed in Europe. Made in India.

Thanks to Indian management, employees & our own direct production of our subsidiary in India, all our products are completely self-sufficient & independent of supply chains. The integration of such range allows us to respond flexibly to orders of any volume & always offer our short delivery times of 3 to 4 weeks. And not only in India, but also in Southeast Asia.

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