LIKO-Experts: Acoustics In Architecture

LIKO-Experts: Acoustics In Architecture

Acoustics are essential to the comfort and functionality of our interiors, whether at home, in the office, or a public building. Proper sound insulation creates a peaceful and pleasant environment, allowing us to focus or relax without being disturbed by unwanted noise. Glass partitions from LIKO-S provide an innovative solution that elegantly divides spaces and significantly enhances acoustics.

In this episode, LIKO-S Technical Director Ladislav Ravas, a renowned expert in the field, delves into the most significant acoustic challenges and their solutions, providing valuable knowledge and expertise.

Building vs. Room Acoustics

There are two main types of acoustics: building and room. Each type has specific requirements and techniques to ensure an optimal sound environment.

Building Acoustics - This focuses on sound insulation between rooms or different parts of a building to prevent sound from spreading from one room to another.

Room Acoustics - This focuses on the quality of sound within a room, aiming to ensure that sound reaches listeners with the desired clarity and intensity or, conversely, is dampened at the source to avoid becoming disruptive to the surroundings.

At LIKO-S, we address both types of acoustics. Building acoustics are primarily handled through interior glass partitions and doors, sliding mobile walls, and other systems.

Room acoustics can be influenced by using SilentPet acoustic panels.

Acoustic booths, which can be described as "a room within a room," are a separate category. These booths fit into both categories and provide solutions for building and spatial acoustics.


Glass Partitions and Their Acoustic Properties

LIKO-S enhances building acoustics with interior partitions that boast excellent acoustic properties. "When it comes to acoustics, glass partitions perform exceptionally well in interior spaces. Glass is a material that offers intriguing possibilities for acoustic design. Numerous combinations and variations meet the expectations of both customers and architects. The primary challenges lie in connecting the partitions to the building and surrounding structures, which require precise solutions and detailed work," LIKO-S Technical Director Ladislav Ravas explains in an episode of LIKO-Experts.

Airborne Sound Insulation

Adequate sound insulation in interior partitions is essential to creating a tranquil environment for both work and relaxation. The goal is to prevent unwanted noise from traveling from one room to another.

Airborne sound insulation refers to a structure's ability to block sound transmission from one room to another. It is measured in decibels (dB) and can vary depending on the type, size, and installation of the glass used in the partition systems.

MICRA I frameless partitions

  • Glazed partition: 31 - 37 dB (depending on type of glass used)
  • Alu-framed doors: 27 dB; 30 dB
  • Wooden door: 21 dB; 24 dB; 31 dB; 35 dB

MICRA II frameless partitions

  • Glazed partition: 39 – 55 dB (depending on type of glass used)
  • 55 dB for Micra II partition 125 mm
  • Door leaf: 39 dB (wooden) 37 dB (glazed aluminum)

Omega framed partitions

  • Solid module: 47 dB standard up to 49 dB VIP
  • Glazed wall: 36 - 45 dB (depending on type of glass used)
  • Alu-framed doors: 27 dB; 32 dB; 37 dB
  • Wooden door: 21 dB; 24 dB; 31 dB; 35 dB; 39dB

RAVA framed partitions

  • Solid module: 46 dB
  • Glazed module: up to 45 dB (Micra II)
  • Alu-framed doors: 27 dB; 32 dB; 37 dB, Wooden door: 21 dB - 39 dB

Laboratory or on-site sound insulation rating

Laboratory values are typically provided for the sound insulation of interior partitions. It's important to understand that these values are measured under controlled conditions, eliminating all external influences.

Several factors can influence accurate sound insulation. "Beyond the quality of the glass and door construction, details such as seals and transition materials under the doors also play a significant role. Proper adjustment and execution of these details are crucial for achieving optimal acoustic insulation," explains Ravas.

With many years of experience, LIKO-S is adept at designing, manufacturing, and installing glass partitions and doors to ensure sufficient real sound insulation that meets customer requirements. Our manufacturing facility in SlavkovBrna features an acoustic chamber where we conduct our measurements, providing a significant advantage in developing new solutions.

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