Manufacturing and development

Like innovations? Interested in how partitions and partition walls are made? If so, then you are in the right place. At LIKO-S, we have been developing and manufacturing partitions since 1992.

LIKO-S: innovative leader

Our aim is to continue to be number one in the field and offer customers the highest quality services. We invest most of our annual profit in research and development. By doing so, the futuristic interactive SMART-i-WALL® partition system was created, and the LIKO-Noe® development centre constructed, which is unique in the world. No less innovative is the system of Living Buildings, which adapt to your company’s growth.

The Smart-i-Wall partition: the future from Slavkov

We develop partitions and partition walls in our own LIKO-Noe® development centre, which is unique in the world. Thanks to our specialized team and the development centre’s acoustic chamber, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The SMART-i-WALL® interactive partition represents a completely revolutionary solution – one moment you have clear glass in the office, then the glass partition suddenly transforms into a touch screen display with speakers. You can use it for presentations, writing notes, or perhaps listening to music.

“We have built LIKO-S on family foundations and Baťa’s entrepreneurial principles. How we behave towards one another in the family is reflected in our entire corporate conduct. Family helps us to overcome the bad times and rejoice in the good. LIKO-S is a refuge for all the members of our broad LIKO-S family.”

Ing. Libor Musil
Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors

In-house manufacturing

We manufacture partitions and partition walls directly in our factory in Slavkov u Brna, which brings customers benefits in the form of high product quality and adherence to agreed deadlines. All products are tested in accordance with European norms in accredited testing institutions, including environmental ones.

We provide complete assembly without disrupting the operation of the workplace, as well as high-quality after-sales service.

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