Combining Horizontal Framing of Glass Partitions Omega as an Interesting Element in Office Design

Combining Horizontal Framing of Glass Partitions Omega as an Interesting Element in Office Design

As commissioned by the investor, real estate developer MS-INVEST, headquartered in the Trnitá Palace in Brno, aimed to create exclusive office spaces that meet all modern standards while reflecting the values and identity of the company. The panoramic view of Brno's landmarks - the Špilberk Castle and the Petrov Cathedral - provides endless inspiration while contributing to a relaxed work environment.

"The design concept was inspired by the company's logo from the outset. We harmonized the color scheme and interior design to ensure that every corner of these offices reflects a professional and welcoming atmosphere. Our goal was to ensure that employees have ideal working conditions and feel comfortable," described the architectural intent by the project's author, Ing. arch. Monika Kubíková from the company U1 interiors.

"Individual rooms are separated by Omega glass partitions, featuring various combinations of horizontal framing. For increased privacy, some sections are equipped with digital blinds. The LIKO-Space movable wall serves for quick changes in the layout of larger meeting spaces.
"One of the exciting features includes centrally located open spaces with comfortable seating, offering ideal meeting opportunities, sharing thoughts and ideas, and informal communication among employees.


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