RAVA® framed partitions

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RAVA® partition wall is an unique product of our development whose properties ensure unlimited possibilities for interior design. The load-bearing structure is completely hidden which allows the partition cover panels to be the dominant feature. The system includes a practical flush door going along with the elegant design. Full fillings are anchored by a patented system for quick installation.

What makes RAVA® unique?

  • Wood, laminate, cement boards, textile or metal, freedom and unlimited possibilities
    of cover design, with thickness depending on your choice
  • Sound proofing of a full module 45 dB
  • The door module has hidden doorframe and hinges – the only visual difference from full module is the handle
  • Big choice of doors including Glassdesign doors 100 and 40
  • Compatible with all LIKO-S partition systems
  • Adjustment floor profile that solves all floor inequalities of up to 25 mm

For usage as non-loadbearing partitions.

Technical specifications

Sound insulation Rw

  • Solid partition: up to 46 dB
  • Aluminium doors: up to 37 dB
  • GLASSDESIGN doors: up to 34 dB
  • Wooden doors: up to 37 dB
  • Glassed doors: up to 32 dB
  • Glass partition: up to 45 dB

All sound insulation values are always laboratory values.


  • Glass thickness: 10, 12 mm
  • Standard module thickness: 1,000 mm (can be adjusted as needed)
  • Standard partition wall height: 2,800 mm
  • Maximum partition wall height: 3,000 mm
  • Standard clear door passage: 800 × 2,100 mm


  • Standard door hinge: JUST 3D and hidden hinges
  • Standard type of door fittings: ABLOY – U shape, oval rosette for GDD100, others
    as required
  • Door types: Glassdesign 100 and 40, aluminium, wood and glass door
  • Door fillings: Glass, partially – glazed, full

Other specifications

  • Connection of full modules: negative width joint 5 mm
  • Connection of glass modules: Both-side 3M adhesive tape of plastic profiles
  • Connection to the ceiling: to an existing floor structure or a false ceiling
  • Glass fillings: ESG/VSG

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