Quick Interior Layout Change for Hoplandia

Quick Interior Layout Change for Hoplandia

The investor’s request for the Hoplandia children’s entertainment center in Banská Štiavnica was to construct a compact building that would provide additional functions for the children’s play area, such as multifunctional spaces primarily used for education and organized leisure activities for children, complementing the activities offered in the outdoor area. With a separate entrance to the building, these spaces can also be utilized for independent training sessions or work meetings beyond the spectrum of child users.

In the relatively small building volume, we aimed to create as many spatial scenarios as possible, aided by the LIKO-Space mobile walls. These walls allow us to generate four layout solutions from a single rectangular space, while maintaining the acoustic parameters of sound insulation. In a relatively small town like Banská Štiavnica, this makes a lot of sense, as the center can also offer spaces for small groups of people,” emphasized the benefits of the interior systems used by the project’s author, Ing. arch. Richard Murgaš of the Richard Murgaš Architects studio.

The interior also features frameless glazed partitions, MICRA II, which were chosen by the project’s author for their advantages:

They significantly expand the entrance communication space and subtly allow mutual visibility without major disruption. Visitors can immediately see what’s happening in the space, whether it’s occupied or not. The acoustic qualities of these partitions have been tested in several joint implementations."


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