Meeting experience REIMAGINED

Meeting experience REIMAGINED

Elevate your workspace

„With 30 years in office business, we took everything people do not like about offices or meetings and replaced it with new ideas and technologies... says Orraine Williams, R&D Director of LIKO-S.

„I call OASIS® the TESLA of meeting rooms for two simple reasons. The first is its unique design and the second is the integration of technologies into the user experience. says Jan Musil, CEO of LIKO-S.

Developed in cooperation with renowned workplace architects Studio Reaktor, OASIS® is based on decades of designing and utilizing premium office spaces. The unit is modular, can be scaled to fit four to twelve occupants comfortably, and can be placed in any open space layout. Inside, users enjoy unrivaled acoustic comfort with a noise reduction of 43 dB.

OASIS® features a patented smart door that for the first time in history contains an integrated and interactive booking system. All it takes to enter is your phone as the keyless entry is managed by cloud-based access control. All that is accompanied by a double-sided LED status indicator which based on color signals the current meeting progress in a non-intrusive way.

Traditional Czech glassmaking goes back centuries and is famous for its design and craftsmanship. Featuring an organic shape, OASIS® uses curved glass as its core structural element.

Laminated liquid crystal technology allows the user to choose between transparent or privacy mode of the glass. The interior is equipped with a 75“ hybrid meeting system including a digital assistant which welcomes you with an option to „order“ IT support, cleaning, or even refreshments.

As there are no switches and no messy cables on the inside, OASIS® is controlled by fully customizable gestures. Through Spaceti sensors, this smart panel also monitors occupancy and environmental data (like CO2 levels, humidity, etc.) which triggers IOT utility responses such as lighting and ventilation levels.

Technologies of the future
for your office today.


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