Let's create non-damaging buildings for our planet

Let's create non-damaging buildings for our planet

With the challenges of the energy crisis and climate change, architects are beginning to look for new solutions to reduce the energy consumption of buildings. One possible approach is the greening of façades, which is a concept that has been around for thousands of years.

Sustainability is therefore beginning to be reflected in architecture to varying degrees, as people are gradually realizing that it is necessary to give space to nature and, together with water, to bring it back closer to us. This is the only way to create natural and non-damaging buildings for our planet.

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Green facades have a great cooling potential, which is particularly important in summer, when evaporation mixes the surrounding air, creating a pleasant microclimate around vertical gardens and reducing the heat island effect.

Plants on the building can absorb solar radiation and prevent overheating of the building envelope, thus directly affecting the interior of the building. It saves on energy costs because the building does not need to be air-conditioned as much in summer. Vertical gardens also naturally retain water in the landscape, remove harmful particles from the air and produce oxygen.

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