Project name:

InHALL unit inLIKO® in Schaeffler

Place: Skalica
Year: 2021

Inhall units

The task of our long-term customer of the Schaeffler company in Skalica was to create a work and training space that would be different in character from the environment of the production hall. It was therefore not a traditional concept of the building as a soundproof production office.

We gladly welcomed the investor's request. We consider it great if the production facilities also include aesthetic spaces and elements that improve working conditions and contribute to work effectivity.

Our technical specialist Ľubomír Kosák based his design on a photo we got from the investor. He thought of technical solutions, drew details and combined suitable materials so that the installation was not only functional, but also aesthetically interesting. Therefore, for example, the ceiling for a higher degree of elegance is solved by two rows of vertical slats with spot and LED lighting.

We are glad that we have fully met the expectations of the investor, and we look forward to further cooperation.


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