Project name:

Glass partitions and movable walls for co-working center Kafnu

Place: Bangalore, India
Year: 2019

Micra I, Vacuwall, LIKO-Space

The latest project of LIKO-S India was a Kafnu co-working center in Bangalore. It artfully blended work, play, and learn environments. Our MICRA I partitions with trendy black profiles define a collaborative space that is designed to encourage interaction through collaborative workshops, sessions with expert speakers, and social gatherings.

Additionally, you will find a meeting room with our LIKO-Space+ movable walls - two meetings at once are not a problem anymore. A similar solution can be found in the office area. Raja Arjun, founder of OCD (Office of Cognitive Design) and the architect of the whole space was looking for a solution which would allow for dynamic changes on short notice and with low cost. Our Vacuwall - the first fully mobile wall in the world - did exactly that, while sustaining crucial acoustic requirements for absolute privacy at the same time.



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