Dalibor Pospíšil: "Communication and tolerance are important at work..."

Dalibor Pospíšil: "Communication and tolerance are important at work..."

He comes from Letonice, where he and his wife Marcela raised their two now-grown children Kristýna and Tomáš. At home he was called "Dalo", but in our community, nobody calls him anything else than "Belgi". This year marks fifteen years since he joined the company.

Would you remember your beginnings? How did you start here fifteen years ago and what are you doing at LIKO-S today?

I came as a temporary worker in production for about a month, then I was offered a contract and stayed. I started in production - from washing glass on windows, folding frames, and packing it all. Then I seamlessly moved on to other jobs so I could cover for colleagues when needed. So I moved into door manufacturing, which is where I am today, by the way. There was a need for me to be able to make door frames, for example, at the next workplace, so I went there as well. There was also the need to learn CNC, which I stayed on for the next few years, I don't remember exactly. Eventually, I went back to making doors as a production operator.

So you went through all the manufacturing processes?

I guess you could say I did.

We hear you've also recently taken charge of a new 3D printer.

Yeah, it's a new 3D printer. The first printer's been here for a couple of years and was used for development. Today, we're using it to make components that would have to be intricately molded and milled, and so on. With the 3D printer, we can make them ourselves. I keep track of which components we are missing, I just select the string according to the hardness before production. So the 3D printer makes the production process a lot easier, which is also much more economical.

What do you do when you're not at work?

In the summer it's different, when it's nice I'm always outside, in the garden, or my wife and I go on a trip, that sort of thing. But mostly we manage the house, and that's a never-ending job. There's always something to do on the house. No sooner do I finish something, something else needs fixing.

Do you have kids?

Yes, two. 26 and 19.

They're getting involved, aren't they?

My daughter lives here in Slavkov on her own, my son has other interests and says his little hands won't work. So I explained to him that they will, that I'll teach them. He's more into IT.

Looks like you're just working again in your spare time. But sometimes you're definitely relaxing. What do you think the ideal rest looks like?

I like it best when I can just lie down because usually my arms, legs, everything hurts. And watching a sci-fi or fantasy movie while I'm at it, which is a good escape from reality, which is sometimes harsh, so it's kind of a relief. I also like to watch some documentaries about space exploration.

Recently, there have been several media reports of various balloons or unidentified objects being shot down. We don't know much about it yet, some of the debris hasn't been found. Various theories have begun to circulate, and one of them involves aliens. Do you think there are aliens?

I've read all kinds of literature about it and seen a lot of documentaries and stuff. I'd say the likelihood that there are aliens somewhere is high. The universe is huge. And I think if they were here, we wouldn't know about them anyway. What's coming out sounds to me more like some kind of media-inflated bubble. It seems more likely to me that this is some kind of spy operation. I also think that if there are aliens, they are on a much higher level than we are.

Yes, we read a theory somewhere that they find no signs of intelligence in our civilization, which is why they don't contact us.

I wouldn't be surprised, because we're very destructive.

What do you mean? What exactly are we destructive in?

We destroy everything we can around us. Just look at the planet.

And do you think we're subconsciously destructive to ourselves? Are you ever destructive to yourself?

Not really, it's mostly in relation to others. Generally speaking, people have religious or property disputes all the time. If we were an advanced civilization, we wouldn't need to destroy ourselves but rather be driven to evolve and expand.

So you would subscribe to the notion that man alone can do nothing, but needs a team to do it?

I'm sure. An individual can do nothing. A greater number of individuals increases intellect, and from that, we can produce something quite different than a single person can.

Let's go to the team here at work. Would you say you have a good team here?

There are always problems at work, but we're a good team. I'd say we get along, sometimes we get together outside the company, it's cool. But that doesn't mean that sometimes there is no friction. Everyone has a different approach to work and it's never going to be that everyone is the same. Just like I may not like someone's approach, someone may not like mine.

So what do you think is the key to making it work when we are all different? What do you think it is?

I think communication is important, but mainly tolerance. If I blindly stand my ground, that's not right, because there are more ways to do certain things. Mine may not be ideal.

Do you have a motto in life, something you stick to? A piece of wisdom that you go back to?

I stick to various rules that have been tested by generations, but I wouldn't say I have a motto.

What kind of rules, for example?

Like, you get the furthest with honesty and stuff like that.

When we were arranging our conversation today, we overheard your colleagues calling you "Belgi". We happen to know that Letonice, where you come from, has always been called Belgium. Are you okay with that nickname? Is there anyone here who calls you Dalibor?

They call me Pospe. Not a name at all. I don't mind the nickname anyway. I'm a proud Letonian! We joke with each other, but the truth is we can be proud of the region we live in.

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