We organized an export webinar for our partners

We organized an export webinar for our partners

We broadcasted the organized webinar from our green office building LIKO-Noe and conceived it, as is our good habit, in a somewhat unconventional way. Each participant in the webinar received a personalized package before it started, and because we agreed that ordinary meetings were a bit boring, we decided to conduct the webinar in an interactive and fun way

During the broadcast, we were inspired by the Babylonian confusion of languages ​​and asked our partners how to say the word "partition" in their language. Did you know that it is called Scheidingswanden in Dutch, skiljeväggar in Swedish and Trennwand in German?

In addition to interactive activities, awards for partner companies were announced in our webinar. The Best performer award was won by the Romanian COS, the Best jumper of the year was The Consilio Group from the United States and the Best project category was won by a total of three companies: YALTA from Belgium, AMINA Products from Switzerland and KRAFT INTERIORS from India. 

Congratulations to the winners once again and we look forward to the next meeting! Ideally offline.

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