Yesterday, a virtual round table was held with the participation of representatives of the Czech government and the government of the Indian state of Karnataka. Dozens of Czech and Indian companies took part in the debate.

The local government of the state of Karnataka has prepared new investment incentives for our investors. These, if they decide to invest in and around Bangalore, can receive support from both local authorities and the Czech government. The Ministry of Industry and Trade has prepared a package to support the lease in a Czech incubator in Bangalore, which also has a Czech Trade office and an Honorary Consulate.

Our goal is to further expand this assistance for the lease of production and storage halls. In today's world, exports can only be done effectively if you build a strong presence in the locality and employ local people. In addition, it brings a lot of interesting situations that you will never experience here in Europe.

For our side spoke Czech Ambassador Mr. Hovorka, Mrs. Tauberová - Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade & Libor Musil, who spoke on behalf of AMSP as the organizer of the incubator, and a Czech Industrial Cluster project. Our indian journey was represented by Jan Musil, CEO of LIKO-S India Private Limited.

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