Porsche-inspired interiors

Porsche-inspired interiors

The office space for Porsche Central and Eastern Europe in Prague was designed by MgA. Barbora Pexová and Tomáš Zálešák from MRM stavební servis. Their task was to create an interior according to the investor's assignment, which will look modern and pleasant for employees and visitors, and at the same time they will feel the technical spirit of the company.

In addition to the distinctive custom design elements, inspired by the Porsche cars themselves, our elegant MICRA II partitions, which separate the illuminated offices, are incorporated. Their advantage is that they also meet the requirements for the best possible acoustics while maintaining visual contact and complement the technical character of the whole space, which is further underlined by stickers inspired by the ventilation grilles of the Porsche 911 engine hood.

Interior greenery completes the aesthetic impression of offices and creates a healthy work environment.

Photo: Tomáš Marek

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