Offices in the design of the butcher's craft

Offices in the design of the butcher's craft

The design of the new offices of the Váhala family company in Hustopeče nad Bečvou was solved by the Váhala family together with Ing. Vojtěch Indruch and Ing. Kristýna Langerová from the Vsetín construction company 1. VASTO. 

They chose frameless partitions MICRA I and MICRA II with blinds for the office department. They are elegant and create new working spaces, which were significantly opened up and brightened after the removal of the original brick walls. The profiles of the partitions are in a company red color, emphasizing the butchery side of the business. The working environment is made more pleasant by subtly placed greenery. 

"The installation of glass partitions allows closer contact with colleagues. We don't close ourselves in our offices, on the contrary, we see each other several times a day. The transfer of information and communication has improved significantly. Anyone who comes to visit is surprised at what an amazing space we have for work here," appreciated the new spaces Mgr. Barbora Denková - a Marketing Manager and Supervisory Board member.


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