Office anywhere

Office anywhere

Being in touch these days is much harder than anyone could have imagined half a year ago. Personal meetings are kept to a minimum and the only way, whether in person or in a business meeting, is often by video conference.

Fortunately, today's technology and fast connectivity can transmit high-quality picture and sound, so with the right equipment, you can feel like you're in a real meeting.

One such solution is the SMART-i-WALL® - all-in-one video conferencing device. You don't need anything else for it. Just plug in the socket, connect to wifi and you can start. It is touch controlled just like a tablet and runs on the Windows platform.

You can use all the applications that you normally use in your company or at home. Presentations, notes, sketches, videos, or content shared from a mobile device.

The 65 ”4K panel is complemented by a Logitech conference video camera with surround sound recording and automatic speaker capture.

The interactive panel can be built directly into the partition and you will see a single button on the wall until you bring the system to life, or you can place it on an elegant stand and use it exactly where you need it.


Any solution that will help at least a virtual interpersonal relationship is a great benefit today. Stay in touch and safe.



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