Lenovo Office in Bratislava

Lenovo Office in Bratislava

We are used to that the modern offices are created mainly as open-space. But Lenovo offices have gone a step further and work just like coworking hubs. There are also floating tables, so everyone works right there and with who they need.

This allows you to collaborate freely between teams and change positions as needed. Unified IT equipment (Lenovo, of course) and therefore full compatibility of all devices only help to this concept.

The opposite of the open-space part is small rooms and telephone booths intended for only one person for undisturbed call handling. Thanks to the acoustic glass partitions, it is not a problem to soundproof the phone call or, for example, the PlayStation from the game zone next door, which is available to employees together with other common areas.

The interior is dominated by a cool technological concept, ie white and shades of gray. The color-coded solid door contrasts all the more to the entire height. These are not only an important technical element for proper acoustics but at the same time, they divide offices into certain zones and thus facilitate orientation in space.

They also reflect the company's visual style, which represents a wide range of products and services, as well as the emphasis on diversity and the multicultural of the company's employees.

Glass partitions add lightness to the whole space. In the case of meeting rooms, these are double-glazed partitions, which are complemented by graphic stickers for greater privacy of the ongoing meeting.


Glass partitions for Lenovo Slovakia


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