Project name:

Glass partitions for the Czech Mint

Place: Bratislava
Year: 2020


The Czech coinage has a tradition of more than a thousand years - our country was not only rich in honey and milk, but also in an abundance of silver. This provided ancient craftsmen with a space for artistic expression, which we admire to this day. „Ceska mincovna“ from Jablonec nad Nisou has been proud of their legacy for more than a quarter of a century.

The newly opened Bratislava store then presents an innovated concept of selling coins and medals, which emphasizes open space and natural light. The interior makes extensive use of traditional materials such as wood and glass, but also modern elements - multimedia screens or arrangements made using 3D printing technology. The black lacquer emphasizes the subtle profile of the MICRA I partition and its elegant way through space.

The design is a work of the architect MgA. Barbora Pexova. Within the whole concept, the assignment also included the possibility to apply the design of the interior to all other branches that the Ceska mincovna has, including furniture. And thanks to the properties of our partition systems, the same visual rules can be achieved in any space without complications. The undisturbed working background and visual contact will always be maintained too.

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