Project name:

Acoustic panels and glass partitions for Komerční banka



The interiors of today's banking sector create a customer-centric environment. The bank is no longer a cold space for handling financial services, it has become a café, a coworking space, a living room and contains several meeting places. It also offers facilities for varying degrees of discretion.

An example is the interior of the Komerční banka branch in Prague - Dejvice, designed by the Reaktor architectural studio. Our MICRA I glass partitions and SilentPET® acoustic panels are part of the modern clean, simple, flexible, and efficient environment. The principle of the solution allows it to adapt to any space. It is suitable for historic houses, modern buildings, and shopping center interiors.

The surfaces have been selected in basic shades of white and black. The places where users spend most of their time are designed with natural materials and complemented by a variety of greenery. The interior of the bank aims to be a place where people like to go. A completely new branch concept, which includes assisted selling, responds to changing customer needs. Over the next few years, other branches will also be renovated in this spirit.


Photo: Jiří Lízler 

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